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Our approach to business is very team oriented. We know that what we offer is so much more powerful when we collaborate with others. We are incredibly proud to work with the companies and non-profits listed here.

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The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) embodies the highest level of commitment to firefighter safety and well being, and delivers a deep emotional and financial resource to those left behind by our fallen heroes. In support of their mission, Tablet Command has pledged 1% of total revenue to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation in perpetuity. Learn more about this pledge and the important work around fire ground technology that the NFFF is doing please visit our Giving Pledge page.


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Around the world, fire agencies of every size deploy Esri maps and perform analysis to transform the way they meet their mission. Everything we do happens on a map. Making the data we have actionable is something that every fire service professional can use—anytime, anywhere. Tablet Command is proud to be an Esri partner and working with them to Improve your planning and collaboration to realize better operational outcomes. Enable faster decision-making for a safer response. Understand situation status for every type of incident.


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iPort is the manufacturer of the LaunchPort Rugged System, the world’s first and only wireless rugged charging solution specifically engineered to help the iPad meet demands faced by first responders. The system provides protection against drops and falls, meeting NFPA 1901 and MIL Spec Certification and can be installed in any vehicle using a 75/100 mm VESA pattern. Powered using a standard 15V DC 2A fuse, magnets inductively charge and wirelessly mount iPad keeping your device charged and always accessible. The LaunchPort Rugged System, dependable wireless charging and protection for your iPad in the field.


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SimsUshare is the easiest and most affordable Fire simulator software available today. Take pictures of buildings in your response area and within minutes using the SimsUshare palette of effects add Fire, Smoke, Victims, HazMat etc. to create a compelling simulated event. SimsUshare can be used on iPad, Android, Windows and Mac. SimsUshare is an effective companion solution for Tablet Command which allows the user to create a simulated incident and tactically manage it with the Tablet Command incident command solution.


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EVALS is an online platform that brings a high degree of consistency and transparency to training, an increase in productivity and efficiency, and documented increases in successful student outcomes. A powerful tool box: Digital Evaluations, Digital Taskbooks, Documents, Forms, Academic Testing, Calendar, Time Tracking, Communication Center, Message Boards. And mobile accessibility, no installation of software required. Access the platform from anywhere via a web enabled device. The native iOS App enables users to perform Field & Video Assessments without an internet connection.



Have you wanted to deploy tablets in your department but find the challenge of implementing solutions at the device level a bit overwhelming? Tablet Command is proud to work with Wolfpack Solutions to provide turnkey iPad implementation, not just for Tablet Command but for comprehensive iPad-based solutions for emergency responders. You write a single check, let Wolfpack Solutions take care of the details.

Many agencies face challenges working through municipal iT departments. The Wolfpack-Solutions Group attacks technology issues and provides a host of options to make your iT issues manageable. Wolfpack ensures first responders have reliable, secure devices on scene and can provide your agency with all necessary components to ensure a successful deployment. Let the Wolfpack-Solutions Group aid you in delivering the highest quality training to your agency.



Global Risk Innovations (GRI) is at the leading edge of computer managed applications that assist public and private entities to provide mandated training, records management, and emergency preparedness.  Our focus is to reduce exposure to risk without creating barriers to organizational efficiency and productivity.  GRI is selective in the products that it represents.  Each one must offer proven value to the customer as well as a user friendly environment that is welcoming to both the new and experienced client.

Training includes emergency planning and a workable records management system to maintain due diligence. To provide these essential tools, Global Risk Innovations has also partnered with SimsUshare, EVALs and, more recently, Tablet Command. The innovative delivery and functional capabilities of these applications has been of great value to a wide range of emergency response organizations. 

At Global Risk Innovations we believe that a changing world will require ongoing training and preparedness as a basic component of operating safely and effectively.  Our mission is to meet that challenge by bringing to market products that are tailored to our clients’ needs and to always provide a superior level of customer care. 


We have worked closely with select CAD vendors to provide a robust interface into Tablet Command.


Alert PSS’ products constitute a complete software solutions package including Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management. Alert PSS’s interface to Tablet Command gives incident managers a fuller picture and greater command of the incident scene, better situational awareness, and higher margins of safety for everyone on the fire ground.


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Beta 80 International, Inc., is a provider of high quality software for public safety. A major market leader in the European market providing service to agencies covering more than 27 million citizens, Beta80’s solutions are known for their reliability. In over 25 years they have never lost a customer. They offer top quality CAD systems with flexible features and integrations, and innovative technologies such as The Tavolo® and apps like Where ARE U. The interface with Tablet Command is baked into their solution and can be turned on like a light switch without any additional development effort for all mutual customers.


Additional CAD Interfaces

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Enroute CAD with iStatus