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iPad in Business

See how iOS and Tablet Command are revolutionizing the fire service in this short video produced by Apple.

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Tablet Command Overview

Take four minutes to watch an overview of Tablet Command.

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Enterprise Demo

View Tablet Command Enterprise side by side with a real incident. Thanks to Anthony Kastros of TrainFirefighters.com.

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Gear Test: Tablet Command

Read about Tablet Command featured in Fire Rescue Magazine.

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NFFF Study

Download the NFFF Initiative #8 report on tablet use to manage incidents.

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Founders Video

William Pigeon and Andy Bozzo explain the beginning of Tablet Command.

Twenty-three of 26 participants agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, "Using this type of software (Tablet Command) would allow me to perform at an enhanced level compared to my current methods of tracking Location, Function, Supervision and Timing of crews at structure fires.”

-NFFF report released on FireEngineering.com

Tablet Command Features

An outstanding set of features in a stand-alone app

Powerful mobile command.

Tablet Command’s mobile, touchscreen incident management platform supports a suite of revolutionary network-based, collaborative emergency response tools.

Wireless CAD integration.

Deliver your agency’s 911 dispatch information to individual personnel in the field, by tablet or smartphone.

Real time sync.

COMING SOON: Allow any individual within the department to observe an incident underway and contribute to the situational awareness of the entire team.

Designed for iPad®

Tablet Command was designed to take advantage of Apple’s famously intuitive user interface features. We designed Tablet Command specifically for the iOS® platform because iPad is widely distributed and growing in adoption among fire service agencies around the country.

Map-based Management

Manage your incident directly on a map brings situational and resource status into a single view. Respond to a wildland fire at night? Satellite images taken during the day provide a daytime view of surrounding homes and vegetation.

Customizable Checklists

Tablet Command creates data as a byproduct of management. Customizable checklists are available at the touch of a button from any screen within Tablet Command. All check-offs are time stamped and recorded in the activity log.

Time Tracking

Tablet Command tracks incident times with precision. A master incident clock is visible on every screen and includes a stopwatch you can use as needed. Degrading colored lights give you unit work time status at a glance, and a PAR timer reminds you to keep an eye on accountability. And of course every action is time stamped in your activity record.

Not web dependent

Tablet Command can be used to run an incident in a cave. Our software is a native app designed to run entirely independent of internet connection. Of course having a connection is strongly recommended as it supports the use of mapping as well as many of our Enterprise features.

User Configurable

Tablet Command does not try to change the way you manage an incident. It is fully configurable by the user. The user is able to configure resources, checklists, assignments, and PAR timer and unit work timer durations.

Email Updates

Email activity reports directly from the fire ground at any time during an incident. Reports include every action made during the incident in a time stamped list, a .CSV file and a screenshot of the incident map. Email the duty chiefs for off-scene updates or yourself to reference when you return to the station to complete your report.

"This is definitely the future of incident command."

—Captain Jeff Riley, San Jose Fire Department

Tablet Command Enterprise Features

With the stand-alone Tablet Command app at its core, TCe brings unprecedented connectivity and functionality to the incident manager.

CAD Integration

Integrating Tablet Command with your Computer Aided Dispatch system not only facilitates faster incident startup time, it also makes your CAD feed visible on any TC-enabled device in your department. Integration through our CAD API allows Receive CAD updates including new units assigned to the incident.

Real Time Sync®

COMING SOON: Share information faster and easier by letting members of your department watch you manage the incident. Tablet Command's RTS features allow you to put the natural strengths of mobile devices to work for your department. Provide incident management data to everyone in the organization in real time.

Inherent Reliability

TCe has the Tablet Command stand-alone app at it's core, which ensures that it continues to work beautifully even if connection is lost. If your data connection is lost, Tablet Command continues to run without a hiccup as the data is stored locally on the iPad® and sent up to the cloud when connectivity is re-established.

Military Grade Encryption

We use AES 256-bit encryption to protect your data and communication while it is being transmitted from your CAD or between devices.

Department Configurable

Tablet Command Enterprise allows departments to standardize and mandate checklists, resources, and assignments. Updated resource configurations are shared instantly among all department devices. This makes Tablet Command Enterprise a powerful aid for standardizing department operations.

Web Portal Access

Our web configuration portal provides your Tablet Command administrator the ability to make a change on a SOP checklist and have it updated instantly to all devices. No more hunting and pecking on your iPad keyboard, standardize configuration across your entire organization from any computer with internet access.


We maintain high availability of our API, so when your CAD goes down, you can count on Tablet Command to be up. We deploy our service to multiple cloud servers that operate independently of each other to ensure mission critical availability.

Check our uptime here.


With connectivity, your Tablet Command data is backed up every 30 seconds to our cloud infrastructure. Our server data is replicated in real time for high availability, and for added insurance, we back up nightly to an offsite data center.

TCe on your iPhone®

COMING SOON: Monitor incidents in progress, see CAD events as they are issued, and receive push notifications for specific units. The Tablet Command app for iPhone can only be activated for departments with enterprise accounts.