Six questions you should ask before deploying incident management software in your department

If you’ve been thinking of deploying incident management software in your department, here are six key questions you need to consider before making the leap: 1. Is it mobile?  Having the ability to track an incident from the very first seconds of dispatch from ALL of your devices is key to faster response times and […]

Simplicity Saves Lives: The Mass Casualty Incident

Some incidents are just worse than others. When a high-speed train leaves the rails or a tornado rips the roof off the school gym, first responders face the confusion of a complicated incident scene. How many dead? Who is alive? Which of the living needs our help first?   Incidents like these require a different […]

Impending Doom

  “Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.” —John Muir   I just returned from a short, much needed fly fishing trip to the Sierras. Nothing compares to the rejuvenation one feels from time spent in the mountains. Of course it’s always great to be up high; the mountain streams, the […]

More Than a Thousand Words

Sometimes a picture is worth much more than a thousand words. Especially when those words are taking up valuable radio bandwidth.   This is what it looks like when you use the enterprise version of Tablet Command during a 3-alarm vegetation fire with structures burning. This event happened last week at my home department, the […]

Rapid Accountability

Co-Founder/Captain Andy Bozzo June 20, 2016   It continues to be VERY busy at work these days. I responded to 7 legitimate working fires for the month of May. And three of those have been two alarm fires. It’s been a really crazy run!   Yesterday, during an after action review on two of our […]

Entrepreneurship, Myth #1

Entrepreneurship, Myth #1 Skye Tompson 2016-5-14   Here’s a funny fact about entrepreneurs: The most common reason people start businesses is to avoid working for others.   Here’s another fact: The typical entrepreneur in America works more hours and earns less money than she would have earned if she worked for someone else.   Tablet […]

Reflections from FDIC2016

Reflections from FDIC 2016 Co-Founder/Capt. Andy Bozzo   It’s easy to be provincial when you live on the West Coast. All of our sun, the mountains, the ocean… Indianapolis may not be a likely destination for the typical world traveler. In fact, Indy is one of the hippest cities we visit: great food, INSANE jazz, […]

Opening Day

For sports fans, myself included, Spring is a wonderful time of year. Of course there’s March Madness and tons of college sports championships, and the NHL, and NBA playoff picture is shaping up.   And then there’s baseball. Whether you’re a fan of “Mad-Bum” or “King Felix”, a sense of hope, history, and excitement brews […]

Bold Vision to Reality

  I grew up as a child of the 70s.  No, I was not wearing bell bottoms or syncing my dance moves to John Travolta (I did that when disco got cool again in the 90s).  By the time I had been born in 1971, humans had stepped onto another celestial body a few times […]

From Fatness to Fitness: The Modern Firefighter

When I first entered the fire service in 1998, it was all about eating huge. After all, you never knew when you were going to eat again…. at least that was our station’s philosophy in the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. Our BIG meal of the day was lunch: a huge tri-tip steak, […]